Windows 7 Where are they?!


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Jan 8, 2009
I recently installed Windows 7 on a test computer and it works really perfect. I have almost no problems with it. Just one thing that really annoys me is that somehow suddenly some entries in my start menu disppeared like Windows Update. So I would like really want to have them back! Can someone maybe help me or do I have to install the Beta new to get the damm entries back?

It would be really nice if I could get a fast answer... Thanks

If you right click any short cut and hit "pin to start menu" it will put it at the top and it will stay there. I think thats what your looking for?
No... It's not that! In the All Programms menu there r like entries missing! Like Windows Update. And to open it I always have to use the start menu search funktion...
Well if you can find them surely you can put new shortcuts back into the start menu or am I still missing something?
Well I thought of doing that. It's just that I don't really know how many Programms are lost from the menu. All I know is that they're not less... So is there maybe something how I can "reset" the start menu or would I have to re-install Win7 (isn't bad if I have to)?
Im not sure. Personally I would worry too much about it, you will realise when you go to use a program I wouldnt reinstall Windows because of it
Did you activate it? You should use timernuke to disable the activation thing. That could cause loss of functionality.
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