Where did MS get the name "Windows"??


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Jan 8, 2009
Why actually "Windows"? Why couldn't it be "Door" or "Pineapple" (I guess Pineapple would be a good name for someone trying to clone Apple :D)

I'd really like to know from where they got the name!


It came out because microsoft was the first one to come out with a O.S, With windows inside, move araound in small and large windows. Thats one of the reasons actually.


Oh... ok... Thanks

Its a story which dates back to a time when Xerox had an interoffice setup, using a GUI.
Both Apple and Bill Gates, went for the idea. I believe, but not sure, that Apple was the first to have what could be called a PC, with a GUI. I think Bill Gates actually bought the rights to use it ,Apple merely developed on what they had seen.
Microsoft was the first to actually give it a name "Windows". I suppose because he bult in programs popped up as windows, within the Windows OS

At the time, I was using a program with a windows/GUI interface, which was mounted on DOS. I think it was called Geoworks ,but I cannot track it down by googling. It worked very well, with a simple word processor, a paint program and a couple of other small things. I began to get more interested in the possibilities, some time around about Windows 2, as it was a complete OS, rather than a piggybacking program. It might well have been the first Windows, but I cannot put dates to it.

Thanks for the info...