where is my space gone?

this happened with two hard disk drives. ill only talk about the one im using right now. i installed windows and some programs. i right clicked on the C partition where the OS is installed then properties. 97.9 space used 11.1 space available. Total size is 109 as you can see. thats right. I have a 150hdd and i split it into two. we all no that some GBs are gone as backup for the OS or something like that. So a u buy 1TB but u really get 930GB. but this isnt the problem. I'm used to this. The problem is that when i highlighted all the folders (including hidden) inside the C partition (c:\) and chose properties, the number i got was different. Size used 89.5 size on disk 89.7. so 11.1free + 89.7 = 100.8gb. where'd the 8.1gb go to?
i ran cleanupdisk. i defragmented using aulogistic prg (some wlel known prg that sounds like this :p) and checked shadow copies and delted them. at least i think i did. when you do cleanup u choose MORE OPTIONS and thts where i did the sys and shadow copies cleanup. nywyz after all the deleting, this is what i ended up with. so again, where'd my 8.1gb disappear to?
i7 920 2.66ghz 6gb ram intel original motherboard with a sata hard drisk. so what happened? 8.1gb is a lot of space :p oh this hard disk im u sing. it had winxp 32bit with 40gb partition. the rest wasnt there. no partition. i made one and installed win7. this has never happened before. and whats worse is that it just occured to me to check the partition with my xp. says 27.7free out of 40gb total. i did the highlight and props and it says im only using 6.5gb. so 5.8gb lost. what happened? o.o


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Hello ,

Was this a "clean" install or an upgrade.

You may have a 100MB hidden boot partition.

Also look for a directory called c:\windows.old and delete it

nope not an upgrade. and that directory doesnt exist. 100mb is not a problem. 8gb is :D
thanx any ideas?
im getting a 1tb hdd in a couple of weeks. im planning on installing it again there. we'll see what happens. if it happens again btw, whts it mean?


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Download Powerdesk Pro, locate pdfind.exe in the VCOM directory and do a search on the entire hard drive for the largest files

Download PowerDesk - Shareware Software - Tucows

It's freeware actually because it's an older version.

On the Details tab, choose size in bytes.

Your largest files will most likely be pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys.
The is the absolute best file finder you'll ever com across with all it's options.

i don tno what to do with this program so i decided to wait until i get my 1tb back and install win7. so i tried to uninstall the prg but gues what. whenver i open my computer or want to go tocontrol panel powerdkes opens instead. so i find the ADD/REMOVE programs option in its menu and powerdesk window pops up again. what am i supposed to do now? there is no uninstall file in powerdesk's directory. how do i get rid of this thing?

EDIT: i got it removed. thnx.

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My D drive has 30GB total space, I have used 22GB but free space is shown 1.6GB, where's my remaining space, I have tried everything to get that back, but couldn't, any help regarding this?????

Have you tried cleaning up and deleting any old restore points. CC Cleaner has this function.


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Try downloading Disk Inspector to locate the largest files on your system

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