Where is the SONY Intel HDMI driver/chipset ?????

:confused:I posted the following and have still not received an answer:I recently upgraded my Sony VGN-FZ 2900 fro VISTA 32 Bit to Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit. After the upgrade I no longer get Audio from my HDMI output to my external home theater system. I get Video and the Audio is present on the Sony VAIO. All was working well prior to the OS change.

I have looked for driver updates for reltek, or SONY VGN FZ 2900 and none are ....:(:(:(


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Hello, and firstly, welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.
We're sorry you haven't gotten a reply yet.

Could you post the model of your chipset? I'll do my best to find you a driver.
Cheers :)

Mitchell thanks for the reply, as I am not on the SONY, I do have the attached information. It is a SigmaTel chipset. I have downloaded all the driver updates for Video and Sound with no results. SigmaTel is manufacture specific. sony1.JPG

I will look at the SONY when I am home.
Thanks again,


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Alright, have you also checked for the latest chipset drivers?

I have on the SONY site as there is not a SigmaTel location.


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You mentioned you upgraded from Vista.
This is not recommended, a "custom" install is always best.
But we'll do some more troubleshooting before we throw it out the window.

I downloaded the upgrade from the Window 7 site and did not see that it was not recommended for Sony Viao/Vista. I will contact Micro Soft today and see if I can get a full install as a possible fix if needed. Mitchell your help and attention is very much appreciated.

Spoke to SONY TECH yesterday about the compatibility of Windows 7 with the Sony VIAO VGN FZ290, I was told that they do not recommend the installing and that they are NO drivers for sound and others and there will never be via SONY. He had no suggestion for getting a driver. There is the Software Informer software that can help detect needed drivers> I am looking for sound drivers from SigmaTel. Anyone have a suggestion as the next step?


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Yes, definitely try different driver finding programs to get the latest ones. I'd recommend Driver Genius Pro.

I now have sound. I downloaded several different drivers by googling sigmatel high definition codec widows 7. All that listed Windows 7 failed to complete their downloads. But when I went to sounds in control panel and did a sound test, it worked. I disabled the speakers on the laptop and there was HDMI Audio? I am sorry I do not more specific details.
Thanks Mitchell!!!!


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You're quite welcome, glad we've helped you fix your problem :)
Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums, see ya around.

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