Where to buy laptop battery?


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Hi, can anyone recommend a site to buy a new laptop battery. Mine is wasted, windows says I have less than 25% capacity available and it lasts about 15 minutes.

You could start with eBay and see if there are any for your model/make of laptop. It will give you an idea of the price compared to buying from another online vendor. You could also google for it - myModel laptop battery.
thanks for the reply. I have found many online vendors that carry my battery all for around the same price. The problem is that they all seem sketchy and I have read multiple horror stories. I'm looking for one that maybe someone had a positive experience from. I would buy from dell but they want an astronomical amount for a shitty battery.
Unless you post some of the vendors, no one can give an opinion. I've bought online items from Newegg.com, buy.com, meritline.com, amazon.com and even eBay, and have no complaints. With eBay, of course, you have to be guided by the kind of feedback the seller has.
So I bought a battery off of EBAY from a seller with great feedback rating. I even researched the battery and found it was made in America, whatever that is worth, but the manufacturer looked credible.

less than 20 days later my battery will no longer take a charge. charging light on my computer does not light up. Windows says its charging but the status never changes. And the battery diagnostics I have list my charge rate at 0mW. I plugged in my old battery to check the charging system of my computer and everything looked normal. Battery charging light lit up, battery diagnostics showed a battery charging rate, etc. My BIOS also confirms that the battery is only partly charged.

So I'm guessing I have a faulty battery.

Just wanted to share my trials and tribulations of laptop battery shopping