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I have a legal Beta copy of Windows 7 build 7000. Is there any legal way to get the later build as and when they get released, ie, 7022?

If you aren't working in M$, you can't get legal copy of build 7022, i think. They said that after 7000 they won't release anymore public beta copies, so use leaked one from torrents.
Correct. "Builds" are internal. Anyone who is using such, who is not an ms employee or Tech Beta tester, has a pirated copy.
Don't bother with Build 7022 . Build 7000 is better.I had it (7022) installed for about two hours and soon after that hit the format key. I am having less problems with build 7000.My two cents.Also watch what you download; they claim that it;s build 7022 but it is only 7000.
Don't bother with Build 7022 . Build 7000 is better.I had it (7022) installed for about two hours and soon after that hit the format key. I am having less problems with build 7000.My two cents.Also watch what you download; they claim that it;s build 7022 but it is only 7000.

I'm sorry but you are sadly mistaken here.. I don't know where you got your information but your 100% wrong.. Windows 7 Build 7022 is NOT build 7000.. It is a daily build that was never ment to be released.. It was leaked as all the builds since 6801 (and maybe earlier have been).. Build 7022 works MUCH better than build 7000 does, as it should seeing as it's after 7000.. ;) You might be having less problems with build 7000 (which I highly doubt) on your particuliar machine but that doesn't mean that someone else will have problems with it..

I'm not going to tell anyone to go out and download Build 7022 simply because like I said it's just a daily build and was never ment to be released.. meaning to get it you must "break the law" which I do not condone in any way.. All I'm going to say about it is I was lucky enough to get a copy of it from my connections inside Microsoft and I am very pleased with it's performance, it far supercedes that of Build 7000.. :) Not to mention Internet Explorer 8 RC1 kicks major ass! It too is WAY better than IE8 Beta 2..

So I really don't know how you can honestly say that build 7022 is worse than build 7000.. unless maybe you did download it illegally and got ahold of a copy infested with malware or trojans or something like that.. which is your own fault.. ;) Or maybe your just going by word of mouth which is just plain wrong....

None the less, Windows 7 Build 7022 works very well, BETTER than build 7000 does and IE8 RC1 is also much better than Beta 2 of that was..
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How is it illegal if Win7 License works in it?

How is a copy of v.7022 I download from the web illegal is it accepts and activates itself as legal with the Win7 activation key issued by Microsoft?

I ran into this issue when I downloaded the excellent Windows7beta LITE which also activates with MS issued activation key. I went into a forum on MSFN which had been discussing Vliting (editing) Win7 for low-ram, older or mini laptops, to let them know there is a perfectly stable LITE version about half the size which uses 208mb ram at idle - but was told I could not discuss this because it is an illegal download.

How is any download illegal if MS activates it with their key? Same for an OEM copy of Vista or XP: your are legally entitled to that version of the O.S. for the life of the machine, but if Toshiba won't give you a clean copy of the O.S. you are entitled to because they are paid $100 per unit to enforce bloatware on your machine, then what option does someone have but to find a clean XP/Vista version download that activates with the MS key. You own that O.S. license. It belongs to you as long as you own the machine.

Likewise, if MS doesn't want you to have a specific version of Win7 on your machine, it should not activate it. For anyone who replies that we must read the license terms, that sound is the whole world laughing at you. We are the ones who are paying big bucks for this stuff, or in the case of Win7 being dutiful guinea pigs.

MS techs who gave me great tech support for retail XP and Vista purchases have all told me that none of this is ever pursued anyway unless someone is re-selling the product. Anyone know any different?
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I think you may be disorientated with the substance of this thread.
The fact that you can activate it with the general release Beta key, is immaterial.
If you have 7022, from a download, it is pirated. That is the issue here.
I hate hackeyed comments, but the car one does spring to mind. If you found that your car key fitted another car which you came across, you would not presume you had the rights to own that car.

I wasn't clear about the relevance of the remainder of your post, but your penultimate sentence :

" or in the case of Win7 being dutiful guinea pigs."

Well, that was free choice, and a fair offer from MS. There was no intention of enslaving you to test it.

As it runs reasonably smoothly, I little doubt that the hackers will have an efficient activation fix for it by August. MS are aware of that, but have stated many times in the past that they are not losing revenue from users with pirated activation, as the majority of those would probably not be in a position to buy it anyway.
Davehc we must remember that there are certain members outside the microsoft corporation that do receive internal builds and will have a legal copy of 7022. So not every copy out there is illegal. I do agree that the ones you download from torrent are illegal.
Really. I did not know that. And who would they be apart from, as I said, Tech Beta testers. Partners do not.
I am aware that PDC attendees got the early 6801. This was a one off for pre advertising purposes.

I would suggest,also, that any builds you download outside of the Microsoft pages, are not "legally" distributed.
But again, back on the OP's query. The answer remains the same.
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Its a shame that public releases are not rolling releases, ie, they update via Windows update. But as a software engineer I know that some changes from one build to another are so profound that it can't be done via Windows update and/or too much effort. Does anyone know if there are any plans to release RC1 (if it surfaces) to a limited selection of the public?
Don't bother with Build 7022 . Build 7000 is better.I had it (7022) installed for about two hours and soon after that hit the format key. I am having less problems with build 7000.My two cents.Also watch what you download; they claim that it;s build 7022 but it is only 7000.

I'm afraid that remark should be put into the realms of "Bovine Scatology" -- 7022 is much improved -- even the IE8 RC1 upgrade makes it worth while for that feature alone.

I'm not trying to flame or be nasty --but please post what you had probs with in 7022 that works better in 7000.
From what I've seen from other posters using build 7022 and including my own observations 7022 is a better build than 7000.

If you download from an "Unoffical Source" then you might not be using a proper copy of 7022.

Easy quick way to tell if you've got a proper version of 7022.

1) Bottom of the screen watermark says ......... Build 7022.winmain.090115-1850
2) IE8 is RC1 level not IE8 Beta
3) in service READY BOOST is gone.

Other minor menu stuff changes etc such as sticky notes, snipping tool, paint.

I can assure you that 7022 32 Bit (no 64 Bit version as yet) does work a lot snappier than build 7000 . There are still some issues - particularly with some sound and video editing programs and codecs but that's to be expected from a Beta and these need the manufacturers to fix them.

However you have to be a MSDN or Internal developer to get a copy (or have a colleague who works in either of these places --( the serial numbers are the same as for the 7000 builds).

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The only indication is this. I cannot find any transcript of the original speech on a microsoft site.
"the release candidate will, like the beta, be offered to the public, Sinofsky hinted. "We expect, based on our experience with the beta, a broad set of folks to be pretty interested in trying it out," he said."

See the whole story here:
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"Bovine Scatology"
I love it. I have referenced for future quotes!!
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Hi daveHC

I was at a meeting in Brussels the other day with some "Bigwigs" who were talking (as they usually do) absolute 100 % Bull.
In these sort of places you can't just say "What a Load of XXXXXXXXXX" so you have to use something else that works. :razz::razz: