Which Apple device??

OK so i am wanting an Apple device to cater for my Digital Photography work.
I can't decide between the 21inch Imac of the 15inch Macbook Pro.

The Imac obviously has a bigger screen which is benificial but then the Macbook is portable!!

Now portability is not really an issue that i am fussed about so waht you recomend i get out of the two??



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Phil wouldn't mac forum get you more answers?

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Phil I have heard the 15inch macbook is a sweetheart for both speed of processor and graphics. I don't know which hard drive it has as for size but, that might be an issue. You could always use an external plugin if you need more space though. With the Mac I would very much recommend at some point an upgrade to 8 gig's of ram as that is obviously it's sweet point. I have the 13 inch Macbook Pro and love it. After I boosted it to 8 gig's it's really a nice machine. I have also heard that the Imac is very nice too. With the laptop if thats what you decide on I would also suggest a second monitor as I believe like me, you will find it highly useful.

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