Which Hard Drive


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Now that windows 7 is here I am upgrading my PC.
I would like to hear which hard drive has the fastest transfer rate

Any recomendations please?


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If you have the extra cash SSD is the way to go right now.

I would have a smaller SSD - install Windows onto that, and then have a larger (cheaper) drive store all of my data -- maybe 1 or 2 TB. If you dont have a ton of data, I would get two or three 10k drives and raid them together along with your SSD.

It all depends how much $$$$ you have to spend - can you throw down an estimate?


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I wondered about SSDs and have two concerns here. One are they reliable and two will the price come down in the next year or two. I was one of the first to have a flat screen and now they are a fraction of the price I paid. Same with my GPS satnav, they are so much cheaper now. I think this time next year there will be more choice in SSDs and that they will be cheaper.

any thoughts?

Of course the price will come down. Just give it some time.
And when it comes to reliability, they're about as reliable as a memory card that you put in your digital camera, etc. And since there are no moving parts there are less things to break.

I'd love to have one for the laptop. It would rock.

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