Which Media Player

apart from windows is compatible with vista?

Real player has stopped working completely, any ideas.


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:) Hi!!! I'm not sure what's going on here. What are your computer spec's? What are you doing? Have you just installed Vista ? Or are you trying to update your real player? If it's just an update to the player it is possible there is interference from the UAC. You should turn it off, and see what happens. Call us back----- Sincerely, Celestra

Like Celestra said....need more info :confused:


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Why not try the realplayer 'help' page? Find it here:


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:) Thanks Kemical--- I tried updating Rhapsody and could not make contact with the server. My computer re-routed, they downloaded then uninstalled, don't know what happened to the download. I haven't needed the service until recently, for some reason I took it personally. I hope Real Player answers my question, because I can live without Rhapsody a whole lot. Sincerely, Celestra P.S.- I think he may be having problems with the default media player or he'll have to break through a firewall or something...


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Hi Celestra,

on the subject of media players... In my opinion it's just easier to stick with the one suppled by ms. I've tried loads of different types over the years but always end up coming back to the good old windows media player. Plus I'm not sure if ms do this on purpose but other media players just never seem to run great using windows. They may do for a while but eventually they always develop a problem of some sort so for me at least I just stick with the default one supplied. :cool:

Hi Celestra & brasco

Have to say that I tend to stick with Windows Media Player as Kemical says it works best with the OS. I found several years that others such as Real Player caused conflicts with my OS at that time to the extent that it became intrusive.
Perhaps in time 3rd party media players might perform better than WMP11 but again its down to personal choice.
Meantime I found this solution on a "google"

1. Close RealPlayer.
2. Make sure that UAC is turned on.
3. Right-click the icon or shortcut which you use to open the program, and select Properties.
4. Click the Compatibility tab.
5. Click the Show Settings For All Users box.
6. Click "Continue" or "Allow" on the prompt that appears.
7. On the new window, check the box next to Run this program as administrator.
8. Press OK on both windows.

Hope it helps!!!!!!!!!!

Winamp looks pretty mod with it's new black Bento skin in Vista. Oh...quite compatible.

Hey Fatboy, Are you gaming with that monster, or preparing for a ballistic nuclear strike?!

I am using VLC for video playing until I can figure out how to get VISTA Media Center to work again. My VISTA install has the SP-1 on it and I was using VLC most of the afternoon yesterday so it works with the service pack also.


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Hi Ralphtalk!!! They really have a serious problem with the Media Center after SP1. All the forums are buzzing bad---- NO UPDATES FROM MICROSOFT, MEDIA CENTER SP1. People are reporting - will not play dvr-ms or stream T.V. Some are reporting endless rebooting. I can't speak about the T.V. aspect because I don't use, but I did lose my speakers following installation for Media Center Windows Vista (JAN,FEB) I went back to factory settings and it seems to be working alright now. I'm having some trouble with Rhapsody, it may have hurt the files. There has been complaints about that also.

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