Windows Vista Which OS do you prefer and why?

Which OS do you prefer?

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Nov 16, 2008
With so many comparisons between OS's going on lately I figured why not add a poll.. ;)

It's a simple one, just choose which OS you prefer (out of the "Big Three") and maybe write a little tidbit about why you prefer it.. :)

I chose Windows because for me/my needs it is the best OS available.. ;)
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haven't got to try a mac yet but will soon when my friend comes over with his mac laptop
i like linux cause its something new to me but i use windows cause i play games :)
wine just does not work without glitches and lag so i use windows as my main os
i do dual boot with linux though for the learning experience
I have to say I've never used a MAC so can't comment on it's Pro's and Con's.

Linux, I've tinkered with here and there. I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but can usually find what I'm looking for (with the help of Google ;)).

Windows was my choice however, purely because I'm a gamer and Linux doesn't cut the mustard (yet) in that realm. :)
my powerbook recently attempted spontanious combustion.. so I thought I'd try all new hardware pc with 7, and it feels and looks very much like the mac's osx. I have only needed to tinker with display drivers, other than that I don't remember needing to do any configuring myself, which I enjoyed very much.

the revamp of the taskbar into icons that can show all active windows to that program is brilliant!

edit : I voted windows
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Too old to unlearn and re-learn

Been using Microsoft since DOS 3 - before Windows. Been using Windows since DOS 5/Windows 3.11. (3.11, '95, '98, Me, 2000 [the best yet], XP, Vista [the worst yet], Windows 7 RC) Never tried anything that starts with a lower case "i". Tried several versions of Linux and they are just not for someone who uses their computer FOR a project rather than AS a project. (Not that there is anything wrong with making computers into a hobby, I just prefer something cheaper - - I'm into custom bicycles and home re-modeling.) :)
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Have to agree with you 'radenight'

...which Windoze OS did/do you like the most?

It's a hard one for me.. because I use Windows and Linux pretty much equally.. but when it comes right down to it I guess I choose Windows.. I do a little bit more with it than Linux and I never have any major problems with it.. :)
It's a hard one for me.. because I use Windows and Linux pretty much equally.. but when it comes right down to it I guess I choose Windows.. I do a little bit more with it than Linux and I never have any major problems with it.. :)
One of my old bosses said to me one time after I complained about brand loyalty - 'there all junk when their broken' - much truth there.
Worst: Windoze ME with Vista in hot pursuit

Best: 2000 and XP Pro for just about anything.
Of course it's Windows for me as I just started with computers when Windows 95 was released.

It became my mission to learn as much as I could about the inside workings of the system focusing mainly on the registry and file system.

I tried various Linux versions, but was confused by the directory structure. I use Linux Live CD's when doing forensic investigations as they don't alter any files or timestamps.

When I worked in IT at the Library, I was known as the "Windows Guy":rolleyes:
Windows for me. Straight forward and nice to use. With customization.

The best yet seems to be 7.
Windows all the way for me, i am, however tempted to get a Mac, i do a lot of Photoshop work and peeps say that a Mac is just better for this type of thing. At least i can still (easilly) have Windows on a Mac
Just installed linux ubuntu 9 on my old laptop. Ever hear people say its faster. They are wrong.

It loads slower than windows. Not as easy to set-up.

Also i loaded my usb and you can't even play a single music file till you update! So its useless without internet. Also i have to go through lots of menus to update and stuff. They say its simplier than windows. I say harder and worse. And SLOWER.
PcBoyGeorge, What I'm going to say here is not intended to be any "slam" against any Linux version or anything negative toward them. It is simply an attempt at an unbiased opinion from the perspective of someone who has been trying off and on for a few years to learn, like and use Linux, including Ububnu and several others.

Although each new version of all distros makes a small step forward in user friendliness and functionality, Linux remains an operating system "by geeks - for geeks". There even seems, at times, to be a definite intent, a deliberate effort, by certain factions within the Linux community to keep it that way. Keep in mind also that each new version of each distro adds "stuff" that requires more and more computing power (processor and memory) so installation on a machine that ran Ubuntu two years ago likely is not enough horsepower to run the latest version today.

What all this means is that Linux is just not ready for the masses. It remains appropriate only for a niche following. I have not yet loaded and tried Ubuntu 9.04 because I am using my "play computer" for Windows 7 at the present, but from what I have heard and read, it follows history in moving ever so slightly toward user friendly, but still needing much work. Just remember this: (any Linux developers take note) When a Linux version equals the functionality and user friendliness of Windows, it will suddenly become a major player in the OS war.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it !!
You've got to ubun tu? Lol

Wow this is longer than I Though it would be...but anyway it’s my 1st post so consider it catch up! And READDDDDD! LOL
(Cracks knuckles, twists head from left to right, takes a deep breath and .......................)

Come on PC boy and John 3347, Linux isn’t that bad? I see it as the future, the way they manage cpu /ram resources, the fact that you can’t just trash your system by your own carelessness from stock install unless of course you enable root user, which most people wouldn’t even know it exists and hence i call it my semi-indestructable OS, the stability of their builds, even beta's and the sheer ease of use (yes I said it! ;-) Take me for instance, I started out with Linux in 2007 and granted I am not a script writing or software compiling guy yet, (actually this tends to come from me being too lazy. Half the time I do stuff manually, even though I know it would take just seconds in the terminal to do the same thing) but I don’t think I can, or anyone for that matter consider me a noob anymore.
You have to give them credit though they have a fantastic online help community where the actual developers respond to your problem specifically. Anyway back to the topic at hand.

Having been using Ubuntu since gusty gibbon (7.10) dual booting it with vista on my laptop, there were times I just wanted to blow up my vista installation due to its insistent slowdowns. I even had my vista install die on me at a stage on the verge of submitting a major assignment on International Business strategy, but luckily sine I was trying to embrace Linux in all its facets I finished it off on my PS3 which I partitioned and installed yellow dog Linux with open office. Only problem I had with Ubuntu was on the 8.XX builds my wireless card kept loosing connections.

I have tried quite a no. of Linux distros too, open suse, slack ware, gos, xandros, eeebuntu, debian, all ranging from being slightly varied to totally different experiences so imagine using terminal in all of these cuz they all have different initiations e.g. su apt, yum, bash etc... Crazy eh! (Now you see why I stick to manual) I still use windows extensively though; I'm not a fan of open office being a replacement to MS Office package, which I basically live upon. Even though I still save everything in 97-2003ver that open office supports.

I currently run Ubuntu 9.04 with the ext4 file system and PC boy George; I really don’t have an idea why you think it’s slow. I maintain staggering speeds on my laptop set up, which is really not that high tech (I sport an advent 8115 laptop with 2g of ram, an Intel Pentium dual-core T2080 1.73GHz processor and a swapped in 320g hard disc). I actually only dedicated 10g of hard disc to my Ubuntu but I have a 500mb swap file partition. The installation is not the same as a windows one but because its different, I wouldnt say its difficult at all once you know where to install, just let the preconfigured setups options do the work for you..

It’s actually on par or would I say a tad bit faster than OSX (did I mention I run this too on my ol' reliable laptop?) only clear disparity is on start-up where osx obliterates all my other OS's on my triple boot set up. But even though windows is king in terms of software, I think Linux Ubuntu/debian are not too far away, I could find a semi-replacement for basically anything serious I run on windows (doesn’t mean its better but in some cases it is ).

The main thing to me that creates the chasm that windows and Mac have not come close to crossing yet is the breath of desktop customizations available from stock. Darn! Compiz is a blessing to any OS. Now now now..I am generally a no clutter on the desktop kind of guy having gotten bored with the whole bump top & its look alikes but I still love my eye candy, It gives you a differentiation from the norm. The subtle things like transparency, explosions, windows breaking-apart, dodge animations, grouped windows, cubed desktops, and the other kazillion things the OS is capable of just blows any competition out of the water in that department.
Sure the others have relatively similar software to some, but especially in windows, you can almost taste the drain on your system resources when you attempt to run these software.

Now consuming a staggering 250gb of my hard disc space is Windows 7( build 7100, upgraded from a vista home premium fresh install dont ask me why!).It’s not just because I like windows so much that I wanted to give it the bulk of my hd, I happen to be a big digital comic book fan and use a programme called "comicrack" (the best in the world but windows only for now) to view my collection of ... .......wait for it......................, over 80g, good part is how I got it all set up, I have access to my windows files from either of my other 2 OS's running, so no duplication on comics or music (and both still growing) Now no denying I am loving this baby, The super bar is just like they tagged it, super! but there are some times, ok many a times when the system slows down to a crawl I just have to wait for it to snap out of it or out of frustration end all running programmes with task manager. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not yet fully ready especially considering I'm on 7.100 and not 7.2XX, but knowing you don’t get these problems elsewhere is enough to piss you off some.

And Finally Mac, I first encountered this on a power book back when I was doing an mba last year, prior to this, the best I had come to a Mac was messing around with my Ubuntu install to make it look like a Mac (& a very good Mac indeed) it was a very pretty French girl who owned this, & I was more captivated in her eyes than the silly OS and..........opppsss! Sorry I’m going off point. Anyway I got my real hands on of Mac OSX on a friends Mac book air, maybe it was the Mac book air itself and not the actual OS that got me wired, I just wanted to spend much more time with it, but alas a couple of months ago I got my hands and my head round how to get it on pc.

So fair enough on a 30g allocation, I installed iatkos 10.5i which is basically OSX for PC. I set aside another 10g for Time machine (just to get the whole apple Mac experience) and whala! After about an hr of spinning, I got my iatkos running fine.ok bar the wireless card, and the multi touch track pad (greedy aren’t I? lol) everything worked. It just took me 4days to realise that apple was not for me as a main, fine it is stable and fast, looks sleekish and I can cover flow every single thing I think of. I do all my video encoding and conversions for my media player there too. But maybe I am just too finicky about stuff, why would I want to drop programmes into the applications folder to install it? it just feels like I have not done it right (granted I have dropped quite a lot of non-installable things there that place is like department store now loll!), I still can’t get my head round the task bar switch to any highlighted windows menu system, some time I strain my eyes for a good 30secs before I realize its right on top loll!

I don’t think it’s possible to customize the look of a Mac at all. I find the finder confusing & have often had windows close & change instead of just opening two windows like windows or Linux especially when I am trying to drag and drop item from one folder to another on the same partition. But the things that really gets under my skin is the fact that the maximize window button is never really a maximize, you still have to drag the edges every time. When you want to close a programme you have to do that command thing or quit it from the dock as the red window button is just a minimize button and finally my word documents particularly always turn out having more pages than they have on both Linux and windows.
The funny thing is, everyone says they love the Mac for its simplicity and all, but I think there is a point especially for an avid windows user like myself, that the supposed simplicity actually becomes difficult.

So in my own ranking, Linux, Windows, Mac...
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Windows.....for me...I m in no way an expert...but I guess everything is pretty much geared towards windows in the general computer world...Linux is good...but it really is very difficult to get my head around good...but the MAC machines are so much more pricier.....

So for me all in all windows please....with a cup of tea...
I myselrf have a multitude of systems here at home, some run XP MCE 2005, one runs Vista Home Premium 32 bit and a couple of run Windows 7 32 and 64 bit editions, I"m more happy with XP MCE at this point since it's fast as heck....just my opinion. However my two Mac computers feel outpowerwed by the dual cores around here.....
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You know Kevin, I had FAR less problem with Windows Millennium than with either Windows 95 or Windows Vista. If I had broken a law everytime I performed an "illegal operation" in Windows 95, I would be in jail for 3 lifetimes. Then if I got a 1 year reprive every time I had, and still have, to reboot Vista, I would almost be out of jail by now. And Vista is only on one of my 8 computers. HP printer drivers was really the only problem I ever had with Millennium and I stuck with it until XP SP2 was out.
I have been a Windows 3.0, I find Vista has been the best for me, XP was nice but I far more BSODS on XP than I ever got on VISTA. In fact in Vista I never got a BSOD, The few I got were caused by me overclocking. I am now dual booting between Vista 32 bit and W7 RC1 64 bit, I am spending more time on Windows 7 than on Vista I like what I see:):razz::cool:
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