which server?

Would it be silly for me to upgrade my current server (W2k3) to a W2k8 server if all I do on that computer is file share and backups? I am currently using the 180 day trial of W2k8 server and it's nice but probably overkill. I have Win7Pro on order and think that it should serve my needs just as well if not better than W2k3.

I'm curious how much cost went into some of your decision to use Windows 2008 server. If it weren't available as a TechNet download, for instance.

CURaven, it would be worth upgrading to server 2008 r2 but the price would definitely be high. I haven't heard of any upgrade options for server users. It is worth doing clean install in case of migrating to another os version. Maybe just keep you server 2003.


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Servers cost money. There are a lot of reasons to upgrade to Windows Server 2008. It is a more efficient operating system. Computers are a depreciating asset, so you are looking for a ROI that may not be there. You could do this on the cheap, and switch to Linux, but then you're going to have to bring in a Linux systems engineer/admin. No matter what, upgrading a server will cost you. One thing you could look into doing is not outsourcing your server, but doing managed hosting through a professional company. Microsoft expects Windows Server 2003 to last a long time, but its options and compatibility with Windows 7, in an enterprise environment (200 or more users) is waining. If this is for a legitimate business, you need to develop a software continutiy plan. That plan can involve the Microsoft Software Assurance program, which will provide you with guarenteed upgrades well into the future. The price will be steep, but you can weigh the cost differential.

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