while manually uninstalling office 2007, & registry cleaning-windows doesn't start up

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    while manually uninstalling office 2007, & registry cleaning/windows doesn't start up

    Dear Folks,
    I'm a newbie. I have toshiba satellite A215-s4807, with vista home premium (32-bit).I had 2 MS office installed in 2 different partitions in the hard disk. My hard disk is partitioned to C:(windows) D: Data & E.
    one month a go after facing up BSOD while installing virtualclone, for the first time I saw "system Recovery tool" dialogue box in my life.I deleted the virtualclone using command prompt from that dialogue box option and my windows vista restarted working. 5 days ago I noticed that none of my MS office 2003,2007 don't work.I uninstalled 2003 using programs and features incontrol panel. but 2007 wasn't seen in that list.so i used microsoft website http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928218 in order to uninstall MS office 2007 manually.
    I went through the steps and in step 5 It recommended me to backup my registry.(I followed the instructions and backed up the registry) then i began EXPORT-> and deleting keys as microsoft website tells.
    here my computer slowed down. I restarted it, but windows didn't show up.(windows error recovery page just showed up)I launch startup repair but it fails with this message:"startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically".I go to restore in "system recovery tool". when I go to view advanced options for recovery and support, then system restore->I see the the manual store point, but everytime windows restore tries it fails. using comand prompt and a USB i can take out my data from the C before reinstalling windows, but i'm wondering if i can repair windows without losing my already installed programs inside.
    any help and idea will be highly appreciated


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