White/Grey screen on start up

Hey everybody
Thismorning my laptop was restarting and I closed it to put away to rush to school. I run Windows 7 on it and it is a 2010 HP Pavilion dv6. When I got there I started it up and the screen is just white with grey lines going horizontally across it. There is nothing indicating it is starting up, it just jumps straight to this. As far as I know it wasn't in the middle of doing anything. The only thing I could guess is that it was in the middle of something. I know pretty much nothing about computers but every now and then a window pops up while it is restarting saying something about a drive check? I really don't know what it is doing but it's something where it is going through the C drive and it had a percentage to it. Sorry if none of this makes sense. I'm just trying to explain to the best of my knowledge

Thanks a bunch

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