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    Hi, All

    I am having some issues with icons that have gone astray and using a blank page instead. I have installed Nero 9 on my Windows 7 RC (Build: 7100) computer and noticed that some of my applications that I had pinned to the Task Bar had a white page as the default icon.

    Now I have also noticed that they are also like that in the All Programs listing. It only happens to a few of my icons and not all of them.

    I have been in touch with another forum and they have suggested reset the icon cache which I have done to no avail. I have also been looking around on the net and found that I can set the Max lcon Cache value also via the registry which I have also done to no end.

    I have attached some screenshots of what I am looking at, I am hoping someone will come up with a solution that will solve my problem and will not involve me doing a fresh re-install of Windows 7 just to fix some icons that wont show correctly.

    I have also tried to use System Restore to take it back to before Nero 9 was installed only to find out that Restore keeps giving me a damn error message, which is also in the screenshots.

    P.S. I also had this white icon problem with my vista install too, so it is not just a problem with Windows 7.

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