White is now pink.Why?

I installed W7 Pro a few days ago and had no known trouble with the clean install. It was an upgrade for XP Pro.
I built my pc a few months ago and haven't had any problems with it.
Main components are Core 2 Duo E8400, Gigabyte P45 motherboard, $ g's RAM, Western Digital Caviar Black 1 Tb. hard drive-all of these parts were new. I also am using a 3 year old Samsung Syncmaster 931B LCD monitor and a Nvidia GeForce GT 8600 graphics card that's about 3 years old.
Earlier this evening I started my pc and when I started browsing I noticed that what used to be white, such as the white background of Google's homepage, was now a light but noticeable pink.
Using Nvidia's control panel didn't help nor did manually adjusting the monitor so I went to the color management of W7 and was able to make it a bit better.
But the color keeps reverting back to it's pathetically pink preference.
Please, what is causing this pink color and how do I fix it?


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I hope this does not scare you. My tech knowledge on the subject is back in the hard and heavy monitor days. The problem you are getting (in those days) would have been to a failing monitor.
First thing would have been to take off the back of the set. Find the end of the picture tube and look at the printed curcuit board there. see if you can find and red drive controls there. With a black and white pic, slowly rock that red drive control a little at a time till the picture looks almost normal.. If you get it to be a little \less pink then stop.
I doubt if you can do this with an LCD, but I still go for a wearing monitor.

Added. (Tks t.) There are a lot of volts in the back there. Max 1500v !.

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You may get the poor guy electricuted.

Maybe just cable connections (or video card) got loose.


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It could even be down to something as simple as the cable from the monitor to the PC going faulty. Before mucking about with new monitors and such, it's worth trying out a different cable if you haven't already.

Thanks everybody for your help.
I tried changing the cable and reseated the video card.
Problem still exists.
I can eliminate the pink using W7's controls but it doesn't stay that way.
I'm buying a new video card in a couple of weeks any way.
If I still have this problem then I'll have to get a brand new shiny large wide screen monitor and tell my wife that I just couldn't help it.
Then I'll duck.


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Tell her to throw anything at you except the new monitor.

It is possible that windows 7 has installed a monitor driver with a faulty color profile through windows update. Go into color management through control panel, then into the tab "all profiles". Look for any profile with the name of your monitor manufacturer in it, select it and click the remove button. I have had this sort of problem with color profiles turning white to off-white in previous versions of windows after installing monitor drivers, however Win 7 is the first to offer monitor drivers through update (as far as I know). Also, you could go into windows update, click "view update history" and see if any monitor driver has been installed.


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Same probem but know monitor works

I'm having the same white becomes pink problem. It's driving me crazy as I passionately dislike pink.

In my case, the problem is not the monitor. I have several systems connected to a KVM switch and have a dual boot for Win7-32 and Vista. The "pink" issue doesn't show up on any of the systems except for my Win7-32.

I'm putting my bet on the driver. I'll let you know what happens.


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Select the start Orb and type display then select change display settings. Then go to advanced settings and under the Color Management TAB select color management. Here check Use my settings for this device and select the Samsung color management entry and click on remove. This should set it right.

Are you SURE you new monitor is not defective? Does it work on another puter?

You have hope as long as your screen is pink and not black.. haha

A couple of solutions: Win7 adjust color, Intel driver adjust

I finally found a solution. Some kind person pointed me to Windows built in Color Management. The solution worked except that the brightness of the screen dropped dramatically. Also, for some strange reason, the pink came back, it just wouldn't stay away.

I found this other solution though it isn't general. It turns out that I'm using an Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for a video card integrated on the motherboard. This Intel driver allows you to change the mixture of colors without a dimming of the display. For those of you with this driver: Desktop(right click)=>Screen Resolution=>Advanced Settings=>Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Drive=>Graphics properties=>Display: Color Enhancement.


My problem has been narrowed down to the old card, which I hope to replace next week.

Try adjusting the colors for the desktop in the catalyst control center

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