Who wants to have a go at helping me fix my network?

Hi all,

After many different repair options, I've managed to get my network partially going again.My network is WLAN based.

DHCP client will not start - error = "error 2, The system cannot find the file specified"
I can ping, my gateway IP, my other PCs on the network but I still cannot ping localhost - error = "Ping request could not find the host localhost. Please check the name and try again"

NB. Just tried to update Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and it gave me the error : "PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING (0, 0, DNS error)

What should I do next ?


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Check to see if your hosts files exists (in the system32 directory) and that it contains an entry for localhost.

You could try resetting your router by pushing in the tiny button in that tiny hole on the back of the router. Push in and hold for 15 to 30 seconds until router powers off. The let it boot up and check network.

you can try running "scf /scannow" from an administrative command prompt in order to rule out a corrupt system file as the cause of the error

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