Who's gonna upgrade?


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Rumour has it that Windows 8 has now been pushed back to 2013 although as already mentioned this is only a rumour. Still, when it finally does arrive who's thinking of upgrading?
I love anything new and will definitely be trying the new os. I was an early adopter with windows 7 but then again leaving vista behind wasn't so hard... Let's hope the beta isn't too far away.. :)


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Agreed. Looking forward to the availability of the New OS. I seriously hope it's earlier than 2013. I will definitely be there beginning with the earliest beta I can get my hands on as was the case with Win7, although I'm not quite as excited about making the move from Windows 7 as I was to Windows 7. We'll just have to wait and see, again hanging on Microsoft's every utterance regarding the new product.


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We'll just have to wait and see, again hanging on Microsoft's every utterance regarding the new product.
I agree it will be the same scenario but with a new OS . I feel fairly excited already with the prospect .

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I would try Windows 8 for sure mostly on a VM for few days. if it's better than 7 then will go for it ;)


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I will probably also VM it first

Ditto on the VM, this time.
I jumped right on the HD install for both Vista and 7 betas, right to the final releases, never experienced an issue, yes, even with Vista, guess I was lucky.
I enjoy running Vista from time to time (gotta keep'm updated), despite all the negativity about it, I think it's much better than XP and of course, 7 is better all around than both.
There's also the possibility of 8 being a total flop, we'll have to wait and see.


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I still say XP is and always will be a legend of an OS.. It (as with most versions of Windows) took a while to perfect but once it was perfected it was, and still is in my opinion, a beastly OS.. I mean come on, you can do just about anything to it and it just keeps on tickin.. ;) There is a time though to let good things end, and Windows XP is no exception.. I still use it everyday and probably will continue to use it on a daily basis for quite some time, but it definitely isn't my primary OS anymore.. :)

As for Windows Vista, that to me, was more "broken user" syndrome than anything.. Many users expected to have an OS that worked just like Windows XP and that was just as fast if not faster than Windows XP out of the box... And though this SHOULD be the case with any new OS, it definitely isn't when the user is still using that 5+ yr old pc that hasn't seen a hardware upgrade since it was new and being put together.. ;) Once equipped with a rather large amount of ram and some other minor upgrades, Windows Vista really wasn't that bad of an OS.. But to each his own..

The one thing that always got me though was when users would rush out to get the newest Windows OS and then do nothing but bash it when it wouldn't run on the aged pc or for some wouldn't even install. They then would proceed to complain and bash MS and all of it's products.. We (the forum gurus) would give them advice like, maybe you should think about getting another 512mb of ram, seeing as it is dirt cheap these days.. Or maybe you should think about upgrading a couple minor components just to get that extra boost your pc needs to be able to run this new version of Windows that you just had to have.. ;) They would of course always answer with things like "I shouldn't have to upgrade anything on my pc just to run this product, it should come ready to work on my pc no matter how old it might be.." That was always my favorite reply to get.. A definite head shaker that one.. Oh well, enough rambling for now..

I agree that the Windows 8 beta should be very exciting to test and see flourish the way Windows 7 did.. And I'm sure we'll get a few wonderful colorful comments from those more 'enthusiastic' users..

As for the OP question, yes I will definitely be upgrading once the new Windows is released.. and definitely testing it throughout the various Beta, RC and RTM builds..

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I've just aquired the latest leaked build Milestone 3. Now if only I had the time to start testing it.


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I've just aquired the latest leaked build Milestone 3. Now if only I had the time to start testing it.
Is this the build 7989, or a later build? I'd love to know what's new if it is a later build! :)


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...I seriously hope it's earlier than 2013..
It is my hope and contention we see October 2012. This is right around the holiday season and led to major success with Windows XP and Windows 7. Of course, we would get the RTM before that and have plenty to look forward to if this happens.


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Where did you get Windows 7 for $39? I got the $49 special pre order. Not that I'm complaining.

I don't know if I will upgrade. There would need to be a significant reason. I'm not interested in the Metro UI. When the beta comes out, I'll give it a shot on my netbook. It struggles to run Windows 7 Starter. If they can keep the ram usage where it is, it may be worth the upgrade. Although Ubuntu runs real well on it. Who knows, maybe they will surprise me.


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Downloaded and installed Win 8 Dev Preview 64 Bit version with tools in Virtual Box on my Win 7 Ultimate laptop. Am slowly learning the navigation of the new OS. This is a marked change over Win 7. The Metro apps will take some getting used to. I have found that some apps that work well in Win 7 also work with Win 8. I have installed Win Live mail 2011 that works reasonably well. I also have MSE installed which also seems to work well. Since this is a very early preview edition, many other things are not operational, but it is nice to be able to learn my way around before the beta, then RC.

I'll be trying anymore Alpha's that may get pushed out one way or another, beta's that will follow then the RC and RTM.. Hopefully each one goes as well as they did with Windows 7.. ;) Let's not have another 'Longhorn' episode.. ;)

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