why are some folders or files are not accessable in XP

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    Why are some folders or files are not accessable in XP
    I have been using both XP on one hard drive and Windows 7 on another. Some of my folders in XP are not accessible. I have a USB backup and store files there from both OS's. I am wondering why some folder/files that end up in XP are not accessible. How do I correct this problem?
    Is this a permission problem or is the reason for not being accessible different? I was "pulling out my hair" because I thought my new hard drives were bad. But using several checking methods I found out there were no bad sectors.
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    I don't use XP - but I suspect it is a question of ownership.

    Boot into 7 and merge this .reg file - ok the warning. Then rt click and take ownership of any files you are having trouble with.

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