Why are the Windows 7 graphics different on my laptop as compared to my desktop?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by Bassettsmith, Dec 7, 2010.

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    I have Windows 7 Professional installed on both my laptop and desktop. The graphics on my desktop look a lot different and nicer than the graphics on my laptop. I don't understand why. They're both the same 32-bit operating system.
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    Hi Bassetsmith,
    Welcome to the forum.
    You'll tend to find that desktop pc's have a lot more 'grunt' when it comes to producing images. Laptops by design simply don't have the horsepower to compete (usually.. There are exceptions to the rule).
    Is your laptop running the latest driver update for the graphic system? Normally these are best found on the laptop manufacturers website.
    Your monitor screen can also make a big difference in picture quality and a top of the range monitor will always look better than a lappie.
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    My Desktop Graphics and Laptop graphics differ with the desktop Having a GTX460 and a Dell s2209w monitor and the colours are crisper and the lappy is a HP Compaq NX6325 with standerd TFT monitor having a lower colour output as it has a Radeon Xpress, You can see a big differance in the two, Just as what kemical said it's just normal an nothing to worry about, It just the Graphics card not the operating system. Just check for updated drivers anyway.

    Edit:, It (the difference) would been there when you had Windows 2000 or windows XP, and you didn't really notice, But it would come apparent with Windows Vista or Windows 7 Because of the Aero, and eyecandy thats on these Os's
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