Why can't I get the 'file name' on a CD/DVD file to open for copying?


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In Win XP one could place the cursor over a file name on a optical drive file name and by slowly clicking twice that file would light up and you could copy the file name only (not copy the file itself).

In Win7 for the life of me I cannot get that feature to work inside Win 7 explorer. Is is NOT supposed to work? Why does MS remove features that we have all become accustomed to using? Very agrevating - maybe I need to set something different somewhere?????


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If you hold the shift key and right click, you can choose copy as path. Poor substitute I know, since you get stuff you really don't want, but we play the hand we're dealt. And I don't want to start a rant here because some of the stuff that's gone really tick's me off.


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Thanks Trouble - guess I have to purchase one of those "Secrets of Win xx" books - my shelves are full of 98, XP, Vista

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