Why did this happen? Home Groups

Ive had my PC for 5 weeks. I have Windows 7. Yesterday, after instaling/applying new updates a prompt came up on the screen after I booted up. It was a prompt, asking me to select which network I wanted to connect a Home Group to. I selected Public of course, as I am the only PC in my home. Actually, I am the only computer in my home. I do not have a wirless. Also, my internet cable is connected directly into my modem. The cable box outside is locked, so I know no one is stealing my cable service. And Im not on a wireless.

So, why did Win 7 detect I am on some sort of network with other computers, and suggested I start a Home Group? This makes me thinking somone has hacked/intruded upon my connection.


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A public network is something like Starbucks or some public access point accessible to the public in general. Your network is private.

Ok, I get that... about public...

My computer though prompted me to select either





Which should I select???

ANd why did it ask me to create a Home Group when Im the only comp. in the house?


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It will always ask. You do not have to create one. If it says you are joined, click on it and leave the homegroup.

You should be showing a house for your current network. If not, click on the description link in Network and Sharing Center and change it to private.

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