Why do emails disappear when Outlook open 2?


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We are using Outlook 2003 non cached mode running on exchange 2003.
I have recently had 3 users who have had there profile setup on a PC at a new location while still having an active profile on there old PC we do this because we do not have roaming profiles.
When they had there e-mail open on one PC they then where setup on the other, there e-mail from the old PC started to disappear it effects there e-mail for that day and up to 2 weeks I checked the server through our Recovery Manager software and there e-mail is gone.
The e-mails are not deleted they are not archived there are no filters setup.
At one point while I was looking into the problem I logged on one of the users PC went into there e-mail as I was looking at the settings all there e-mail started disappearing.
Any ideas?
Do these people also have Microsoft id's?
Also what system are they using i.e, 7,8, 8.1 or 10?