Why Do I have 2 taskbars (Screenshot)?

I recently bought a PC, and I noticed that when I moved my taskbar to the top, I also had another in the bottom but I cant click on it or use the windows ball. It has a google chrome shortcut and i didnt even install google chrome.

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This situation you report is so puzzling that we don't even know what to think: your taskbar on top is larger than the one at the bottom. It shows 9:56 PM time on top, while the time at the bottom is only 7:22. There's current date on top, but no date at the bottom. There is no quick lauch on top, while there is quick launch at the bottom. The top taskbar is set to show large icons - you know, unlike the one at the bottom. The bottom's start orb is highlighted - unlike the one on top. The flag icons show different statuses. And there are different programs on the taskbars :( A tad confusing all that. ;)



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Sounds like a massive virus problem or registry corruption of some kind. This is not a feature in Windows.

thats cool if only the both worked :D :p

did you photoshop that?:p just messing with you

but damm thats messed up save what files you can save, and reinstall windows

This is not a feature in windows
haha would be kinda cool if it was :D

new idea for windows :p


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Where did you get the Modern Warfare wall paper from? Since you can't click the icons there, I think who ever posted it, did a "PrtScn" and that the bottom toolbar is actually part of the picture. Look at the original MW picture and see if it the toolbar is in it.

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