Why does this happen?

It wasnt used to be like this, and it only happened recently when I plugged in my ipod touch(which im sure isnt related at all).
This would happen

Dell dock would stop working (not responding), the bar down there cant be used at all. I can't right click on desktop, i cant open folders on my desktop. The only thing that would work is programs that are already running in the background and are minimized(i have to use ALT + TAB). I can switch between programs at ease, but the only thing is that dell dock and the windows bar wouldnt work, even if i press the windows key. why does this happen and how do i fix it? It happens everytime i turn on my computer, and i have to wait approx 20 minutes for it to fix itself. AVG reported no viruses in my computer. CTRL + ALT + DEL doesnt help either, since the task manager would freeze when it opens.

and recently, this had begun to happen, where once i used the touchpad function of zooming into pages, everything would stop working, i cant move my cursor. The only thing that would work is switching between programs with alt + tab. I can CTRL + ALT + DEL, but i can only use my arrow keys to move between options. Selecting task manager would result in task manager freezing once it opens. and showing no programs as not responding.

Dell dock, and any other programs running on background would freeze a few seconds into startup. I cant click on the windows key, i have to be fast and click on chrome if i want to browse before it freezes. The widgets would freeze, the windows bar would freeze, only that i can alt+tab between browsers. Folders would freeze though.

Please help?:confused:

Hey...Remove AVG in safe mode with the tool to do so. Reboot and install MSE.

is avg the problem? but im pretty sure ive only installed avg after this happened?

Someone please help me here :confused:

So how has the machine been behaving after removing AVG?

pretty much still the same : /
i installed AVG right after this happened to check for viruses, microsoft security essentials did not find anything either..

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