Why does W 7 need 24 .pst files?

After installing Office on my machine I noticed the amount of disk used space jumped by over 10 GB. After investigating I found 24 locations that the .pst is located. Can anyone explain why?

I only have one .pst file on my machine that I'm aware of , where did you find all these pst files ??

have you sent a frown to microsoft telling them about this and extra disk space useage ?

This on 64 bit W7. 32 bit only shows one.

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The are from Outlook.

I believe they hold the info in all your e-mail messages,

Well, solved the problem... sort of.

Removed all the pst files and uninstalled office, then reinstalled office again and did the import of the pst file and pointed the mailbox directory to a different location than the default. Now I have only one pst file on the machine and regained 9GB of disk space.

Now to figure out why Photo Editor launches as Photo Viewer on the 32 bit machine. It works just fine on the 64 bit machine.


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Damn, that is alot

You can use the compact now under the advaced tab

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