Why does W7 create a 100 mb "system reserved" partition when installing

I've had W7 on two computers that I built: My old one and my new one

On the old comuter, W7 installed itself, boot loader and all, on a single partition. However, on my new build, W7 created a 100 mb "system reserved" partition leaving 111 G for data on one of my SSD's which I decided to use for other purposes ( W7 is installed on a second SSD which is partitioned as mentioned). Then, Using "disk management", I deleted the 100 mb partition on the SSD that I wish to use for other purposes, then tried to expand the 111 GB. I got some kind of useless message that said "object does not support this operation". So, the 100 mb "System Reserved" partition is not shown in "disk management" and is not available, nor can I restore it to use.

What is the solution?


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The system reserved partition it installed possibly for use with something like Bitlocker. Microsoft may have some grand design, but I do not know what it is.

If you pre-format the drive, it will not add the small partition, but if it is added, the boot files are normally place inside and it is annotated as "System".

Moving the leading (front) end of a partition can be very dangerous. It may not be worth going through that, and Windows will not move it for you.


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The 100 MB partition is the boot loader/boot manger in windows 7. Moving this or deleting this can be detrimental to your system. The only option is to do a clean install of the OS. Maybe a system restore point might work or even a system repair with the install dvd.

Can I delete the system reserved partition from 100MB - Microsoft Answers

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I would avoid removing it at all costs, but if you are willing to take the plunge:

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Just remember, if the system becomes unresponsive or if you can't recover it, this will be just another problem you have to deal with. Considering it is only 100MB, I would leave it.

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