Why I hate the internet!!!!


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I'm a gamer, and a new version of Neverwinter is coming.

I want to register on their web site so I can post try to get into beta etc.

So I try to register an account, it says that my email address has already been used.
I try and log in and it says that I have the wrong ID, not surprising since it's been years since the last NeverWinter game.

I finally get sent to the recovery page.

It says type in you email address.

I do so.

It says we don't have any record of that address.

So I go back and try and set up a new account again.

It says that email address has already been used. GRRRRRR!!!!

That's why I sometimes hate the internet! LOL


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Hi Mike,

I've had similar experiences with various games over the years and your right it is extremely frustrating. Do you see any link or email address to contact the devs at all?


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I always seem to return to the fact that computers and Internet are so very young. The comp era really started with Windows 95, 25 years ago, and if you think about cars 25 years after their introduction... what were they? They were lethal.

No offense, Mike. :cool:

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