Why is copying data between my 2 computers VERY slow? Hi Copying data on to my ne

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by shiphen, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Copying data on to my new Windows7 PC (from my old PC) seems EXTREMELY slow.
    For example copying about 1.5GB of various data files takes over 50 minutes
    (claimed speed c.500KB/sec)

    However I have a new-ish "good quality" Router and the network adapters
    for both my PCs claim to be running at "100Mbps/Full Duplex".

    My configuration:

    1. WindowsXP machine (3 years old)

    MOTHERBOARD: Intel Pentium 4 D945GNTLR system board 3.2GHz
    Network Adapter: Intel PROSet version
    Adapter Speed setting: 100Mbps/Full Duplex (Autodetect)

    2. Router: (1 month old)

    Make: Thomson TG585 v7

    3. Windows7 machine (1 week old)

    Motherboard: Intel DP55WB MA TX
    Processor: Intel Core I5 750 2.66GHz
    Network Adapter: Intel 82578DC "Gigabit Network Connection"
    Link speed status: 100Mbps/Full Duplex (manually set)

    Why is it running so SLOWLY?
    Do I need to do something to the router to speed it up?



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    You should really consider using Cisco/Linksys router. It is most likely the source of the problem. Make sure you are using, at the very least, Category 5e (Cat5e), or preferably Cat6 network cables. It is probably the router. I have never heard of such a brand. Also, you may want to consider just upgrading to a gigabit router since the prices have come down and gigabit network cards have become relatively cheap. This would equate to a 80-90% speed improvement over what you would normally get with a 100Mbps network.
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