Why is Homegroup sharing showing administrator/user directory?

I setup 2 machines running windows 7. I setup sharing in the homegroup between them.
For some reason on one machine when I access it via the networking folder I see the user libraries but also the adminstrators user folder???? Favorites, desktop, contacts, my pictures, etc.
Its the same thing almost on the other machine where the user folder for administrator is there but it's just empty.
Any idea what is wrong?

On each PC that belongs to your 7 homegroup, Start > in the search pane type "homegroup" > choose "homegroup and sharing options" > checkmark the folders that you want to be accessible or inaccessible over the homegroup network.

thats the problem. I do that and turn everything off and yet the entire user folder is shared!

For example: User Name is Joseph. The c:\Users\Joseph folder is shared not matter what I do in home group settings.

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