Why is my CPU usage constantly at 100%?

I'm using an ASUS X5DC laptop with a 250gb hard drive and 4gb RAM. My CPU usage is constantly staying at 100% unless the system is idle which even at that it only goes down to 86%. Could anyone help me try and fix this?

Joe S

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Do you have any automatic backup software running? Some are buggy and real memory hogs WD Smartware is one. Have you disabled unneeded services from starting? Black Viper has a good list of what is safe to disable or change to manual.


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You might check Task Manager to see if you can tell what is using CPU time.

The Resource Monitor or Performance monitor might also help.

Something I bumped into last week was to use the Powercfg utility to check you system. It might give you a readout of what is using CPU time. Open an Administrative command prompt and type Powercfg -energy and let it run. It is best to close down all active programs you can. Make note of where it puts the .html file and copy it to the desktop to open. If it states the CPU usage is high, it might tell you what is doing it.

Run Task Manager As Admin And Enable "Show Processes From All Users"
Filter It To Show Tasks Using Highest CPU
That Should Give You A Hint As To What Is Causing It

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