Why is Windows 7 networking such a disaster?


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I've been searching the net for some time now and I find lots of discussion and opinions, but no clear answers. I added Windows 7 machines to my LAN and haven't been able to find winxp resources from win7 hosts and vice versa ever since. Folders may (or may not) be accessible as // for instance, but NEVER show up in my networking folder.

LOOK! THESE ARE ALL MICROSOFT PRODUCTS. They should know how to talk to each other out of the box. If something has changed that needs my attention, this should be made clear in BIG LETTERS on the installation screen and there should be a printed guide provided that explains everything and gives a SIMPLE way to make things work. I have lost countless hours in frustration over this and my networking is still broken.

Can someone from Microsoft please just tell us "Here are the steps to take to guarantee you networking will function correctly."? If not, Microsoft should be paying me big bucks to debug their buggy software.

I've just about had it with Microsoft and their gratuitous system changes that leave us (technically knowledgeable) users flailing about in frustration. It seems they don't care at all how many hours of productivity we lose (multiplied by thousands of customers) trying to solve problems that shouldn't have arisen in the first place.

Come on Microsoft! Get a clue! GET A CONSCIENCE!! I'm about to convert my entire operation to Linux, which seems to take less time to maintain than Windows these days.


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