why partition?

:) hi all, first post here
not sure if this is in the right section, sorry if it isnt
i have always been wondering why to partition or why not (i dont know exactly which one i perfer)
today, i reinstalled windows 7 , so i decided to actually look it up
i have two hard drives, so i can have one for data and one for os+programs, if im going for no partition route
or, i can do the same, but make c:/ os+driver+anti virus only and D:/ games only and E:/ programs only and F (second hard drive) all the data, and backups)
i had been reading, but still not sure, some say that too much stuff in c drive can slow down boot up/normal uses or something, and some people say theres no point to seperate programs since formating c will resault in all programs not usable.
personally, i think it is prettier and more organize to have them partitioned, but is there really any advantage or disadvantage of partitioning? how do you sort your files?
thx for reading all that, any reply would be helpful, since i m leaving my other computer on the partition setup screen right now, doing notthing but wasting energy :(

Captain Jack

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Hello and Welcome to W7F !

If your C drive run out of space it would cause performance issues. The method your gonna use is something I would recommend. because it's not wise to have other data information to C drive because if your System crashes the first thing that's gonna damage is C drive. You don't wanna have the data there. Keep the C drive for necessary information like OS, Anti virus, Other programs.

Hope this helps :)

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