Why Program files and PF (x86)?

Hi - newbie to these forums, but my question is "Why does Windows 7 have 'Program Files' and 'Program Files (x86)' seems to be duplicate copies in each.... is this just swamping up my hardrive space? I have about 150GB Hard disc, but with windows 7 (64 bit version), Adobe Photoshop, MS Office and iTunes (plus a small amount of personal data files)... I have only about 10GB left!! Is this normal? I have run CCleaner but it clears only a little space!

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It has these two folders because one is for the 64-bit supporting programs (Program Files) and the other is for 32-bit programs (Program Files (x86))
If they contain duplicates, don't delete them.
If you really wanted to get rid of the extra folder you could install Windows 7 32-bit but you would notice a small perforance decrease.

Mitchell A is quite right, deleting the duplicates may causes the system problem, but I warn you that it is unusual to witness that each programs in Program Files has its duplicate in Program Files (x86). In my computer, only the program accompanied with windows 7 have their duplicates (WMP, IE8,...)


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Exactly what folders are duplicated? Standard Windows ones or 3rd party applications?
For example Windows Media Player may be in both folders, but Adobe may only be in the x86 folder.

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I see - on closer inspection, not all are duplicated! I was hoping to decrease the size of files, and put an SSD into laptop for performance increases... but that looks unlikely now!



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You're very welcome, Nick.
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