Why so Slow?????

I have hp pavilion dv5 1006ax
Amd turion 64*2 Core 2.0 Ghz
3 gb Ram
256 Mb graphics Ati

Still my vista basic take 3 to 4 minutes to boot up
I tried all usual things like scannig 4 viruses....unable unused drivers...
Still not working 4 me
Please help me if u can.
Thanx in advance


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Hi, the download page for your rig is here:
Windows Vista HP Pavilion dv5-1006ax Entertainment Notebook PC#

Just check to see you have the latest drivers/bios ect... OR You may have a case like mine. I recently upgraded my mobo and set about installing it. The mobo came with a set up disk which usually contain out of date drivers. This one wasn't too bad but I discovered that the RAID driver that was included was awful adding 10-15 seconds to my boot time. I did some googling and eventually found an earlier driver which didn't add this 10-15 seconds and just booted as normal. So maybe you have a similar case??

Hi, you can speed up your computer by the following ways:
1.run a antivirus software to scan your computer fully.
virus usually impacts the speed of computer.
If there is no virus, see the possible reasons that make computers slow down and solutions.
2.Registry is the centre database of your computer operating system which contains information and settings for hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, and per-user settings. You must load the registry whenever you launch any programs on your computer. If the registry is too fat or with some errors, computer's performance will seriously be impacted. So, you need to clean up registry and fix its errors.
3.There must be too many programs start up automatically when you start your computer.Run a registry optimizer or cleaner to stop those unnecessary start-up programs.
4.Have you ever clean up your computer since you bought it? If the answer is never, I am sure that there are lots of junk files on it. Junk files is also one of reasons that will cause computer slowing down. You'd better delete them regularly.
If you are not familiar with registry, don't remove files away from it and clean up it easily for you may delete important things that will make your computer in trouble. You'd better choose to use a professional registry cleaner,personally,I like wondershare registry optimizer,it's safe to operating system.
5.If a registry optimizer doesn't work, add RAM or do a fresh reinstall of windows. Before you do a reinstall, please remember to back up.However, you should know that frequent reinstall is harm to hard disk.

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