Why the Japanese are Lying about Fukushima


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Here’s a snippet from an interview about the Fukushima nuclear situation in Japan. It gives us some insight into why they are covering up the issues and the depth they are prepared to go to to maintain the lie that everything is going to plan.

But what’s worrisome is that a nuclear reactor is not like what the schematic pictures show (shows a graphic picture of a reactor, like those used on TV). This is just a cartoon. Here’s what it looks like underneath a reactor container (shows a photograph). This is the butt end of the reactor. Take a look. It’s a forest of switch levers and wires and pipes. On television these pseudo-scholars come on and give us simple explanations, but they know nothing, those college professors. Only the engineers know. This is where water has been poured in. This maze of pipes is enough to make you dizzy. Its structure is too wildly complex for us to understand. For a week now they have been pouring water through there. And it’s salt water, right? You pour salt water on a hot kiln and what do you think happens? You get salt. The salt will get into all these valves and cause them to freeze. They won’t move. This will be happening everywhere. So I can’t believe that it’s just a simple matter of you reconnecting the electricity and the water will begin to circulate. I think any engineer with a little imagination can understand this. You take a system as unbelievably complex as this and then actually dump water on it from a helicopter – maybe they have some idea of how this could work, but I can’t understand it.

More details on the situation at Fukushima are being divulged now. Looking at the latest maps from ZAMG it’s no wonder that increased levels of radiation are now being measured in Tokyo’s water supply. Any areas in the path of the toxic cloud of death will be subject to intense radioactive fallout. In addition there is also the issue of the Gamma rays that are being emitted directly from the Reactors. Each one of them is emitting enough gamma radiation to cause significant health issues in anyone that happens to be in the path. The radiation is also being reflected by overhead clouds and distributed across the region which is therefore irradiating the areas that it is reflected onto.

So not only do the Japanese have poisoned air, drinking water and food they also have to dodge highly potent gamma rays reflecting off the sky.

It’s important to note that Reuters have finally decided to publicise the ZMAG data although we also note that they downplay the research with highly unusual statistical comparisons like “3-4 days of Fukushima is equivalent to 20-50% of amounts from Chernobyl in 10 days” (wtf?) to attempt to minimise the impact of the data. Please note that one way to read that statistic is 3 – 4 days of Fukushima is equivalent to 5 days of Chernobyl.

The Austrian institute’s Dr Gerhard Wotawa stressed the two isotopes from Fukushima he had sought to estimate — iodine-131 and caesium-137 — normally make up only one tenth of total radiation.

Based on measurements made at monitoring stations in Japan and the United States, Wotawa said the iodine released from Fukushima in the first three-four days was about 20 percent of that released from Chernobyl during a ten-day period. For Cesium-137, the figure could amount to some 50 percent.

“It’s only a matter of days before it disperses in the entire northern hemisphere,” said Andrea Stahl, a senior scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research.

So we can read those numbers as 40% 1-131 for 5 days and 100% Cs-137 for 5 days!!! In addition they note that the amounts measured only account for 10% of total radiation emissions. Hence we are seeing the potential for 10x the amount of emissions than Chernobyl!

With data like this is it any wonder that Germany’s Chancellor Merkel has termed this “a Catastrophe of Apocalyptic Proportions” and is making plans to completely turn of all nuclear power stations in Germany and switch their grid to entirely non nuclear renewables?
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