why W7 and vista creating deleted folders ?

tired to delete foldes such as my music my videos my other stuff ? :(
Why W7 and Vista keep creating them after i deleted them ?
Is there anyway to stop it ?
Thanks in advance.

Also is there a way to make preview pane to stay same size while resizing window ?
if i re-size window to small, preview pane is so small its useless.

and why when browsing for folder to save file i cant sellect desktop form left directory menu ?
Instead i get all those useless homegroup and libraries that i dont even know why what and how to use them (and dont care too).

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ok with the preview pane open any folder and enable preview pane. resize preview pane to what ever size u want by moving the edge of the preview pane area (i bet u know how).
Now resize window by moving right lower corner resizing thingy all the way to the top left and back to original.
See your preview pane got smaller ? Why did it get smaller ?
I understand it would get smaller as it gets closer to the edge but why dont it get back to set size when u restore original window size ?
Idont know man this preview pane is just acting stupid and its not even enabled by default because it is stupid in the first place.
XP had much better preview and file information on the left but to bad vista came out and changed it all forever.
I wonder if i can move preview pane to the left somehow ? Maybe it wont resize like that anymore ?
Thanks for reply

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