Windows 7 Why you shouldn't trust Google (or any cloud service) with your data


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Getting ready to enthusiastically shovel all your data into the cloud? Here’s a cautionary tale of what can happen when your connection to that data is pulled because of accusations that you violated Terms of Service.
This is what happened to one Google Apps user Thomas Monopoly (a pseudonym, although now after being called a fake he’s changed his name to Dylan M … his real first name). He was a happy user (and evangelist it seems) of numerous Google services — until the company disabled his Google account. On July 15 he received an automated message telling him that Google had ‘perceived a violation’ and since then hasn’t been able to access anything linked to that account. Monopoly vehemently denies claims that he did anything wrong and says that he “did not violate any Terms of Service, either Google’s or account specific ToS” and that Google hasn’t offered up any evidence to support its claim of a violation.
Why you shouldn't trust Google (or any cloud service) with your data | ZDNet


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Took the link to the OP's letter. An excellent read!

Here's an article about Amazon's cloud storage service;

Amazon's cloud storage service has been caught hosting services used to control the notorious SpyEye banking trojan, researchers said.
Data compiled by antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab over a 11-day period in July showed Amazon's Simple Storage Service being used regularly to host SpyEye command and control channels. The botnet operators are most likely using victims' pilfered financial data to set up fraudulent Amazon Web Services accounts, researcher Jorge Mieres wrote.

Source; Amazon cloud hosts nasty banking trojan ? The Register

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