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    I have just purchased a new machine with Windoze 7 64 bit OS.
    I must say everything is pretty much running perfectly - more than happy.
    I use a lot of industrial software and generally the manufacturers are way behind the times with operating system compatability. Drivers and programs are generally way out of date - some have just gained Vista compliance!! Drivers left running etc and interferring with other software.
    Hence I need to run Virtual Machine for most of it.
    I set up XP mode for a program. Had to go in and rename the Virtual Machine and the Virtual Disk to reflect the program I wish to run.
    Now when I click on XP mode, the Virtual Machine I set up bfore runs automatically.
    I really wanty to set a XP mode for another Virtual Machine for a different set of software - the 2 do not get on together at all.
    How can I set up a new Virtual Machine in XP mode without having to set up a clean Virtual Machine and load the OS?
    Any help appreciated.
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