Wiedergabe von Audios über Bluetooth geht nicht


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Hello, I have 2 Bluetooth devices to play audio: Speakers "Bose Mini Sound Link" and "Bose headphones QC35 II2." I can use these devices without my Samsung tablet or smartphone manage the use, ie the playback of audio via Bluetooth is not.

The Bluetooth connection between the headphone / speaker and the PC / notebook seems to be OK because headphones or speakers are displayed in the PC / notebook. However, they are marked with a yellow underlined exclamation! In addition, the white lights for the Bluetooth connection to headphones / speakers are switched on. The drivers for this device have not been installed (code 28), no driver files have been loaded. " These are the drivers for these devices can not be.

Audio on the notebook / PC speakers without Bluetooth is running. Probably the switching of the audio does not work when switching to Bluetooth. The "Control Panel" and "Sound" contains the audio playback devices. When switching to Bluetooth, the audio playback devices for headphones / speakers would appear there. That does not happen!
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please post manufacturers make and model of either laptop or components (motherboard ect)