Windows 7 Wierd aero start menu problem


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Jun 12, 2009
So whenever I move the start menu to the top it does this weird crap. I think the msn stuff in the shots should explain my frustration. If I move the line there down, the blur follows it but doesn't follow it back up!
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Link Removed due to 404 Error

The only way to remove it was to move it to the bottom and immediately back to the top. I don't want to do this everytime after booting up because it's always there on boot.
Try opening the taskmanager, and end all running processes called "Explorer.exe".

When ended, your desktop and open folders will be gone. Now go to "File" -> "Start new job" -> type explorer.exe

The desktop returns - but does "the blurry shit" return?

You may try to change the Win7 theme to basic, insted of areo.. By saying basic i do NOT mean the "win 2000 look" - but the state in between.. Also, check your video drivers.. Update them to the latest version..
I updated drivers but that didn't do it. The explorer thing I know of, that would also only be a slower fix compared to the reattaching thing. I'd have to do it every time on boot that it showed up (apparently it only randomly shows up on boot now...)
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