Wierd Problem!!!

Hello and good evening.
Recently I installed windows 7 on computer, every thing worked great and i was enjoying windows 7 BUT there was a RAW space on my hard disk so i decided to make them 2 primary partitions, let say that my OS partition (Drive C) was about 30GB and there was 119 GB raw space, so i created 2 more partitions as 29 GB and 90.
i did it by opening CMD >diskpart >select disk 0> create partition primary size=29gb>
select volume 4 >format fs=ntfs> after it completed i put letter of "P" to the partition name section by computer management in control panel,
i did this for 90 GB as well, after restarting computer, WINDOWS COULDN'T POP UP, it remained in black screen after windows logo's loading (before clicking which user to go with)...no matter how long i waited, it couldn't just do it.
Thanks For Further Helps/Replies...


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The worst kind of problem is one that won't let you get into Windows because there is't a lot you can do.

I assume that it does the same thing in safe mode.

I have no idea what is causing the problem other then the fact that Windows can't find something it it looking for, but I guess I would put in the Windows DVD and try and do a Repair Install and hope that it will sort out the partitioning during the process.

Shouldn't take more then 30 minutes or so.

Actually it should have asked you if you wanted to do a boot repair when you tried to boot again.
I've had to do this twice and both times it said that it could't identify the problem but it worked after that so it did something.

Windows 7 does have it's own partitioning function.

How to Resize Disk Partition in Windows 7

If you can get Windows to open you might be able to sort out your partitions there.


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By the way here are my computer specific:
CPU: intel pentium 4 3,20GHz , 3,21 GHz
Ram: 1GB
Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS / 512 MB memory
Mother Board: Gigabyte / GA-945p-s3 / reversion 1.

Hi mike thanks for reply....Oh, i 4got to say that i could go to safety mode easily, but normal mode made that...


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If you can get in, in safe mode I would open Disk Management and check out how it shows the partitioning.
You can also turn off all unnecessary things that load at startup and see if it will boot then.

If turning off all the startup items will get you in then turn them back on and see if it causes a problem.

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