Windows 7 Wiered problem with my laptops wifi


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Jan 12, 2009
Hello. I use windows 7 build 7068. But i got a strange problem. Wifi works good, mail and windows live is working good but when i tried to load pages in firefox it dont work... sometimes its loading the pages fast and normal and 5 min after nothing happans it just loading the site ... this only happens on my homenetwork with dlink router. At work everything works fine...

I try command to ping Facebook | Welcome to Facebook and it respond. But it cant load the page in firefox....grrr;)

i try to reset router but the problem is still there. Vista on my other laptop works fine. Is just on my eee 1000h pc with w7 i got the problem.. ive got windows 7 on my mediacenter with cable connected to ruter and everything works ok there.

Sorry my bad english.
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