Wifi drops "the default gateway is not available"

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    I have windows7 64 and my wifi drops all the time. If I try to fix it I get the message saying that my default gateway is not available. I already uninstall the driver and installed it again. There are 2 strange things:
    1) My Ipad and two other computers that I have running XP work perfectly
    2) In the Windows7 computer this only happens in my house wifi...everywhere else it works.

    I had this for a couple of weeks now...can anyone help PLEASE? THANKS
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    The default gateway should be the address of your router. Is it set statically (entered manually by yourself) or is it assigned automatically by the router? When it happens try going to command prompt, running the command:

    ipconfig /all

    and looking to see what value the gateway address is set to and if it is valid.

    Also whilst in command mode see if you can "ping" the default gateway.
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