Wifi Hella Confusing

I can connect to my mobile phone effortlessly with a usb cable. I can browse the phone's files and add new files.

I bought a bluetooth dongle and effortlessly connected to my mobile phone. I could browse the phone's files and add new files.

When it comes to wifi it's seemingly impossible. I click add new wifi device to network. What network is it even trying to connect to? That's strictly need-to-know information. The windows help says check the device manual for instructions. The device instructions instructs me to consult windows instructions.

It took an excruciatingly long time but I have had the phone connected to my pc via a router. I have managed to get both my phone and my pc to claim they are connected sans the router but I couldn't do anything with that supposed connection.

Is this dream of having wifi function for me a mere fantasy? What should I do now?

What devices are you trying to connect through wi-fi? When connecting a device wirelessly, whether blue-tooth, wi-fi or usb, it has to use a network to make the connection. In your case your home network. As far as doing anything with the connection (network), you want be able to, can't do, it's just the path in which the devices use to talk to each other.

I'm trying to connect my phone and media player. The phone seems easiest to start with.

When you say home network, in Win7 there is home group, is that what you mean? I could get the phone to recognise the home group, then doing WPS the phone appeared in the "add new device" box on my computer. Adding the WPS code on the computer, the phone responded saying it is connected to the pc and a new connection profile has been set. Then my PC says to check the Network folder and it may take several minutes for the device to show. So far so good but it doesn't show up in Network.

However yesterday I left the homegroup and now it is saying I cannot connect to a homegroup. I downloaded MS fix it which stated the problem is I have multiple networks and none are set to home. I clicked to fix the problem and it said problem successfully fixed but then listed the same problems as unfixed. Then my only option is to send microsoft a customer card. I suppose I could delete the homegroup if I knew where it was. Or set the network to home if I knew where that option is.

So I set my internet connection to home network which also made it part of the homegroup. I have no idea if that is correct I'm just clicking buttons blindly. I have another unidentified public network and I dont know what that is.

I'm just going round in circles whenever I attempt wifi and it's been 2 years that i've been acquainted with it and still it really makes little sense to me. Bluetooth you just plug the thing in and it works. I don't know why wifi is so baffling to me.

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