wifi in Windows 7


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Hello all. I just bought a new laptop Acer 5740 with windows 7 yesterday. I installed the drivers from the Acer DVD given. I would like to know how to use wifi in Windows 7. Yesterday was the first day , using Win 7 , so totally dont know anything about it. In the lower taskbar I can see some connections (Airtel broadband , xxxxx Hotspot) , so does that mean it can recieve those ? But when am clicking on those to connect , it cannot giving an error message to troubleshoot.
Another query , can i install XP on i5 procy ? Because am a XP fanboy , and would like to setup XP as my dualboot option.


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From the sounds of it, what you are seeing are indeed connections that your comp has found.. Not being able to connect to them could be from a variety of things such as bad signal, the connection could be encrypted, etc.. There is an option in Windows 7 that will allow you to filter out connections so all that is left are networks that you can actually connect to.. ;) Fool around with the settings some and you'll find these and a few other helpful tools/options.. ;)

As far as running Windows XP on a core i5 processor, yes, it should run just fine... Just remember when setting up a dual boot system you have to install the OS's from old to new for it work properly.. So install Windows XP first and you'll be good to go... :)