Windows 11 Wifi Problem


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Jan 21, 2023
My wifi symbol dissapears or in wifi option airplane mode apperas and wifi not working in windows 11, this happens when starting up or unplugging my ethernet cable. So I can't connect to wifi anymore a restart doesn't work but turning the computer off and rebooting it, then wifi reapears.
This is the windows version:
OS Name Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
Laptop HP ProBook4540s
Make sure the 'WLAN AutoConfig' service has it's startup type set to automatic and the status is running.

You can check with this script. You will need to open a powershell prompt with 'Run As Administrator' for the script to fix the issue. Copy and run the following
#Requires -RunAsAdministrator
$Service = Get-Service -Name 'wlansvc'

if($Service.StartType -ne 'Automatic') {
    Write-Output "The Wlan AutoConfig service is not set to automatically start.  Setting to auto start..."
    Set-Service -InputObject $Service -StartupType Automatic
} else {
    Write-Output "Wlan AutoConfig is set to start automatically....[GOOD]"
if($Service.Status -ne 'Running') {
    Write-Output "The Wlan AutoConfig service is not currently running.  Starting service..."
    Start-Service -InputObject $Service
} else {
    Write-Output "The Wlan AutoConfig service appears to be running....[GOOD]"
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