WildcardSelct in context menu

I have installed since a couple of days the official release of win7 64bit.

WildcardSelect is an old small nice tool. It is an Explorer shell extension, which means that it lives in Explorer's right-click menu. If you right-click on a file, folder, or the background of an Explorer window and choose the Select... item from the context menu, a dialog box pops where you can type the search pattern in the edit box. While you are typing, Wildcard Select tells Explorer to select all the files from the current window that match the pattern.

It is possible to use it ONLY as context menu tool. Up to now I hve used it in winXP 32bit.
On win7 64bit t installs fine but no context menu eintry is there although I do see quite an amount of WildcardSelect entries in th registry "in the correct" paths.

I am not an expert of such things but I really would like to hve this tool working. Can you help me to fix it?

Here the details:

On HD:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Wildcard Select
WildcardSelect.dll readme.html unins000.dat unins000.exe

In regedit:



@="Wildcard Select context menu"
@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Wildcard Select\\WildcardSelect.dll"


This is a common problem with old 32-bit applications that use context menu entries. Like the very useful Unlocker, lots of these context menu apps don't work for some reason. It's not a Windows 7 issue as they won't work in Vista either, it seems to be a 64-bit problem.

Maybe someone else could shed light on it? A fix might be something simple if we are lucky!

Yes, I have already realized that point by browsing around. I am really wandering why that there is still no general "easy to use" trick to make those context menu application work under 64 bit Win OS. What makes, in my opinion the thing worst in the case of win7 is that I would have less trust on specialized applications which manage the context menu ... since who knows what they do on the registry and if they do it, whatever they do, win7 conform ......

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