Will changing product key remove my company policy?


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As the title says, I got my PC from a dying company and it has some Company policy set on it like auto installing and restarting in the middle of the night. I have tried deleting group policies in group policy editor and such and nothing has worked. I was thiing if i change product key, will it go away?

All these policies are under "Mobile Device Management"

I have tried removing accounts but there were no accounts to remove

I have also tried editing in the group policy editor

Resetting the PC was not useful


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If it was set via GPO it would go away once the system was removed from the domain. If done via GPP the only way is to manually remove registry settings set by said GPP. Also GPOs can be set locally via gpedit.msc anything set in here specifically on the machine will persist after removal from a domain. These you can launch gpedit.msc

Expand 'Administrative Templates' and look at both User and Computer 'All Settings' and sort by state. If anything is not set to 'Not configured' then you have settings enforced and you need to click each one and change them to 'Not configured'. Reboot after changing settings.