Windows 7 will i lose all my data and files when i repair windows


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Hello all

This is my first post so bare with me :)

My windows 7 doesnt boot up, so i read on diffrent forums how can you fix this.... You have to put the windows disc in and repair windows SO!

My question is, will i lose all of my data and files (pictures,videos,download etc....) if i repair windows???

Desperately waiting for a reply !!!!!!
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Since you don't actually mention what process you intend on using, I will say you should only loose your data if you reinstall Windows using a Custom Install and install over the old install.

But when you boot the Install DVD, you will have an option to Repair your system. That will take you to the same type of actions allowed using the F8 boot options, and select "Startup Repair".

If you would like to elaborate on the symptoms of your booting problem, we might be able to tell what is happening.
As Saltgrass has said it depends on just what you do when you boot from the dvd. If it is just a repair you run it SHOULD NOT affect you data. If you run a full recovery it WILL overwrite your data. Also, it depends on the actual cause of the problem - it may well be just a missing or corrupt file or may be (unlikely, but may be) a disk error which could cause data problems. Whenever you face a problem with a hard drive it is best to back up any important files before attempting repair procedures. You should also regularly (like weekly, or even daily if the data is critical) make secure copies of all you data to allow for a complete hard drive crash. If in doubt - BACK UP!