Will new motherboard void my copy of W7

I have a damaged PCIx16 slot & need to replace my motherboard, when I re-install W7 will it see my mobo as a whole new machine (1 copy per machine) and reject my W7 serial when it tries to activate online? Could someone help clarify this for me please.


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Usually Microsoft will not make trouble to reactivate your copy of Windows even if you don't have warranty on your Motherboard. Just explain the problem to them on the phone and be nice. I have a few friends who got new keys and activations over the phone with no problem.

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Yep, been through it lots w/ client's machines & it's not a problem. Swap the Board, install the OS & as the others said, phone MS to Activate. It's true, all you have to do is explain & they'll generate a new product code.

The same OS has stayed w/ the same, original owner/purchaser & in actuality (except for the M/B) still in the same machine as it was. Ergo, still, 1 license, 1 owner, 1 machine... no worries, eh?


Thanks guy's, I'll give them a buzz when I get it installed,

It should activate just fine. I say that because you stated that you where going to reinstall the OS. If you tryed to keep the old OS it may invalidate, and like most every one said, calling up Microsoft and being nice should get that fixed up for you really easy.

Cheers for the input NaiyaShamiso, I can see your point, I mean't to say I 'was' doing a new/fresh install with the new Mobo.

That is what I thought you ment. So depending on how many times you activated that product key so far, it should work just fine. So if this will be your second time activating it, then it should 99.995% work. Though if this is your 30 time activating it, it will be alot less chance it will work, meaning about 0% LoL

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